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Team Coaching

As a team, what is the common dream you want to achieve?
Team Coaching helps you to uncover this dream and help your team to achieve great success.

In corporate life, it helps all groups that come together and work towards a common goal to reach their fullest potential.

It uses the tools of Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC), certified by the International Coaching Federation. Through dozens of techniques within ORSC, the “relationship system” between the members of the team is defined. The Team Coach demonstrates this relationship system to the members of the team. The team itself decides what the relationship is like, what it needs, what needs to be done differently.

It usually consists of 4 sessions of 3 hours each. Before the sessions, a simple set of open-ended questions is used to get the team’s thoughts. The first session is a session where the relationship between the members is concretized, all the voices that make up the team are listened to, the needs of the relationship and the demands for change are identified. The other sessions progress according to the needs and the agenda is determined by the team. The number of sessions can be increased according to need.

  • In Team Coaching, it is the client relationship system.
  • The relationship itself inherently contains intelligence and creativity.
  • Coaching is done to the entire relationship system rather than to the individual members of the team.
  • It demonstrates the need for change management and change.
  • It leverages the power of individual differences.
  • It helps create an internalized and consciously designed team vision.
  • Different levels of reality among team members are identified.


Being a team means achieving results that are greater than the sum of what its members can do individually.


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Open Communication Workshop

Purpose & Scope

The concept of open and healthy communication, which is the basic ability and need of human nature, sometimes conflicts with the demands of business life. Unmanageable stress and target pressure disrupt the building blocks of our human chemistry, and as a result, negatively affect our communication with those around us, especially those we love the most.

Our experience shows us that in environments where open communication cannot be established and realized, company and team productivity is up to 50% below what it should be. The aim of our project is to increase the performance, success and communication power of your company’s valuable employees on their journey to achieve their goals, to provide self-awareness about themselves and their teammates, to increase self-confidence, to discover their talents with our ICF member professional coaches and certified moderators. Our project is designed to strengthen the development areas of your managers in order to realize the priority goals they want to achieve.

Participant Experiences

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